The Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) is an unique, dynamic, independent and international school, originally set up in London in 1847, as a public forum and learned society. The AA is much more than the UK’s oldest school of architecture; the school is the nexus of a global conglomeration of contemporary architectural culture.

The AA Visiting School (AAVS) is a global architecture programme and network comprising a myriad of forms and agendas, all of which contribute to the endless debate about the education in architecture. Today, the AAVS is held on five continents in dozens of cites, territories and remote regions. The diverse courses that make up the programme provide teaching and learning opportunities for students, professionals and other international participants to engage with a number of the world’s urgent challenges in not only architecture but in the wider context of culture and the environment. The AA Visiting Schools are satellite schools that take place in different cities all around the world in partnership with prestigious local institutions. These schools focus on local issues and follow the design methodologies developed at the AA. Download the VS prospectus  and have a look at the VS abstracts through this link.