After a wonderful stay in Antigua city, we discover that the connectivity of the area was in need of new infrastructures that could give a better functioning to the city, activating it and through this attracting a higher number of tourists.

First drafts

Study about the connectivity of the city of Antigua with Fuego and Pacaya Volcanoes.


Study of the settlements affected by the eruption of Fuego Volcano that occurred in June, 2018.

Studies of the place

Routes through the coffee plantation, with view over Volcan de Agua

Interrupted routes caused by last eruption of Fuego Volcano.

Proposal for the new connectivity

Routes of Fuego, Agua and Acatenango Volcanoes.

Coffee plantation route.

All the possible routes through the Volcanoes.

Final proposal

Driving through Guatemala

A circular ring is proposed around the Volcanoes taking advantage of the contour lines in order to walk all around the volcanoes through the points of interest among it. We can also observe the different slopes the Volcanoes have and compare one to another in order to analyse the visual cones.

In the model we analyse he different pathways proposed in the Volcanoes. They are analysed in terms of the type of user (by car, pedestrian, bike and horse).

These routes to the Volcanoes go by different levels of difficulty, according to the harsh slopes that characterized this topography.