The results of our Volcanic Journey are summarized in these six exercises, six different visions of Guatemalan volcanic landscapes.

Phenomenological trip

We will take you to Guatemala through a phenomenological trip in order to make you feel as if you were part of our adventure. We wanted to show our trip in a way that can take the user to the places we have visited. To accomplish our goal we took samples, physical (objects) and visual (texture photographs), in other to show our adventures in a more sensorial way.

Lava Crusts

Mapping lava crusts in Pacaya Volcano, analysing risk parameters, temperature, height of the eruption, age, dimensions and volume. This research focuses on 10 lava crusts which allow us to understand the destruction and the creation they generate. Since these lava crusts attract tourism, study future touristic, sports and leisure uses.


El color es uno de los factores más sorprendentes de Guatemala. Se ha enfocado el análisis en diversos aspectos como la vegetación, la arquitectura y la cultura textil, utilizando el cuaderno de viaje con sus dibujos, como instrumento de pensamiento.



After a wonderful stay in Antigua city, we discover that the connectivity of the area was in need of new infrastructures that could give a better functioning to the city, activating it and through this attracting a higher number of tourists.

Life and death

With the last natural disasters, as the eruption of Fuego Volcano in June 3,  the need to develop safe communities has incremented.  This project evaluates risks and  what they imply to communities around Fuego Volcano. Topography, hydrology, slope, and basins where among the factors that where considered for the analysis.


Our purpose is to capture the identity of the guatemalans through the analysis of the stories of three different characters we met, understanding the parameters of their amazing lives.