Main goal and scope

The main goal of the Visiting School is to explore the complexity of Guatemala with a special focus on finding out the connections between the global or general conditions and the local or specific responses, looking at two directions. First, looking at the way a dramatic or a radical —environmental, social or economic — context may shape our culture, our society and our built environment; and second, looking at the way people’ behavior or small scale processes may affect or determine territorial or global dynamics. Each year, the VS explores a different topic or issue, particular of Guatemala, through a 10-day workshop. You can get information about the upcoming 2019 workshop through this linkThe next video summarizes the experience and outputs of the 2017 workshop in Lake Atitlán.

Institutions supporting the Visiting School

The Guatemala Visiting School counts on the support of a qualified staff and local relevant institutions. The VS is organized in partnership with the Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM). The UFM School of Architecture will host the AAVS workshops, providing their facilities for them to be developed in an optimum environment in the Guatemala City UFM campus. 

Visiting School Academic Certificates

At the conclusion of the programme, applicants will receive an electronic AA VS Transcript and an academic certificate from the Francisco Marroquín University.