We will take you to Guatemala through a phenomenological trip in order to make you feel as if you were part of our adventure. We wanted to show our trip in a way that can take the user to the places we have visited. To accomplish our goal we took samples, physical (objects) and visual (texture photographs), in other to show our adventures in a more sensorial way. 

We invite the viewer into our bus during one of our trips by showing the natural landscape that we were fortunate to visit. We create a sensorial trip by adding textures, drawings and photographs obtained and produced during this journey, and try to create the ambient which surrounded us.

During our visit to this outstanding country, we collected many natural samples found in our trekking to the Pacaya volcano and the coffee plantation Finca el Capetillo. They are common natural objects typical from its area, such as leafs rocks our fruits. The objective is to create a memory in other to show the essence of the place.

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