In 2017, the Guatemala Visiting School focussed on Lake Atitlán, one of the most important natural, cultural and touristic icons of Guatemala. We explored the lake by conducting a wide range of activities: we filmed and interviewed local people and conducted local surveys to get specific information; we flew drones, took aerial photos and made videos, and we will learn how to get 3D models from them and we downloaded, visualized and analyze data from different sources using GIS. In summary, we gained different insights into the lake and its physical and social environment with the aim of eventually working on diverse visions for the future of the lake, crystalized in the production of a number of short videos, presented here. 

Guatemala VS Workshop 2017 | Overview

Summary of the activities, experiences and outputs of the 2017 workshop: Lake Atitlan

Atitlan Workshop 2017 Presentation

Author: Ignacio López Busón.

Atitlan | Mind the gap 

Authors: Sofía Carrol, Gian Piero Garda, Yolanda de Rueda and Francisco Matheu.

Atitlan | Invisible 

Authors: Delia Coloma, Marco García, María Elena Salas and Carmen Reyes.

Atitlan | De [Tour]

Authors: Helena Matter, Marvel Muñoz, Sally Pei Zhen Li and Josephine A. Velázquez.

Atitlan | LogDiary

Authors: Ana María Blanco Barrientos, Gloriana Blanco Víquez, Mariana García León and Sofía Richmond Blanco.

Atitlan | Hidden strength

Authors: Cristina Echeverría, Katie Ibarra, Kelsey Hubbard and Nicolas Bland.

Atitlan | Disalignment

Authors: Rodrigo Galvez, Cristhofer Valverde y Pietro Estrada.